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Take a ride with me
I’m done with the old routine
Take a ride with me
To places I’ve never been
What will we discover
I have no way to know
Come take a ride with me
And see how far we go


The horizon’s beckoning
I’ve got a new car and a license to drive it
Got the sense of adventure
I had as a kid and it’s time to revive it
I’m finally ready
I’m smiling and I’m sure
Why don’t you come along with me?
And see what the world has in store?

(repeat chorus)

What are you waiting for?
Cause here comes tomorrow, the dawn is still breaking
I have so many questions
The answers are out there, all ours for the taking
Let’s find out together
I hope that you’re prepared
It’s a brand new experience
That’s crying out to be shared

(repeat chorus)


I put my top down
My motor is purring
Better buckle up
Cause something is stirring
Start in first gear
But soon we’ll be racing
We’ll be breathless
And eagerly facing
The dreams we are chasing

(repeat chorus)

A composer is currently working on this. It was originally developed for a young singer, who lost interest in the project, but the song will be completed and demoed.

This is supposed to be for a 15-16 year old teen idol. It can be perfectly innocent, of course, but if you want to read into it a theme of sexual discovery, well, that’s your problem.

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